I am the founder of firm Panasoft, author and developer of app Images Generator (  ). This program claims to be the workhorse for most computer users.

Improvement and development of this program requires a large amount of design work and work of programmers. It is expected the release of app versions for different devices and Web, for different operating systems and languages. Except for usual design work, it is supposed development of thematic sets of images, such as a set of images for children, set of images for engineers, set of images for artists, etc.

Innovative solutions used in Images Generator can be used in other projects too. These solutions are described in presentation .

A small company cannot of course perform this work. Therefore, I look for partners and I want to establish cooperation with them. If your experience and qualifications meet the requirements of the project, I would be glad to establish business cooperation with you.


Sergey Panasyuk


Phone: 79787642060

Skype: serpan31