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Distinctive features
Vector brushes and trajectories
Multicolor lines of variable width
Volumetric lines
Transformation of rasters
Fiill by lines
Unlimited amount of shapes
3D images creation
Photo defects removal
Images area selection
Storage of images of diagram components and other elements.
Images generator for
Web designers
Ordinary users
3D graphic





Images Generator is innovative application combining properties of graphic editors and programs of automatic design. Though Images Generator possesses of many opportunities for editing images, its basic purpose is creation of images, including different diagrams and collages. The program is characterized by small sizes, simplicity and convenience of using. It possesses flexibility in adaptation to various requirements. Such characteristics are reached by using of several innovative solutions.

Processing of photos and other images. For processing of photo program has a full set of the basic 2D graphic tools, more than 150 graphic filters and converters. The application allows selecting parts of the image with resolution of one pixel. To the selected part graphic filters and converters can be applied. Powerful methods removal of scratches, spots and other image defects are used. Samples.

The program makes possible creation of fine images that can be used in the textile or paper industry and for designing of paper works. Samples.

The program is the convenient tool for creation of Web graphic. Frameworks, buttons, backgrounds, banners, animation and other elements can be easily created by Web masters for short time. Samples.

The program allows creation of three-dimensional images that can be used for engineering and mathematical modelling. Samples.

The method of transformation that provides complex transformation of raster images is used. One of applications of this method is creation of realistic images on the basis of digital photos. Samples.

The program allows obtaining of lines of a complex configuration. Such lines can be used in systems of automatic design and plotting. Compatibility with system AutoCAD and other programs is provided with using of dxf files. Samples.

The program can be used as storage of images of elements. Such elements are components of the electric circuits, symbols, hieroglyphs or parts of clothes. The convenient way of a combination of these elements for creation of different images diagrams, landscapes, identikits, texts, collages, congratulatory cards and others is used. The program may be used for selection of clothes. Samples.

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